Business growth demand market survey

It is critical to the success of this Masterplan that all the constraints facing local businesses are understood. For example, a commercial property audit of unused and available premises (action 01S) has been produced and has identified there is very limited appropriate and/or available commercial space in the town at present.

Therefore, as part of the Masterplan for Growth’s first phase of delivery, the project Steering Group proposes a targeted market research study is commissioned to identify the core needs of St Neots’ existing business community and provide qualitative and quantitative insight into the key factors restricting commercial growth. This research is essential in order to prepare an effective strategy to deliver the above medium and long-term programmes aimed at increasing commercial activity within the town.

This research will underpin a huge amount of the next phase of Masterplan activity, including the application of the investment vehicle to be established – so that investments are targeted against demonstrable business and industrial need. The survey questions can be seen here.

The second phase of this work, to come later, will also extend the scope to those businesses currently outside of St Neots and what it would take to incentivise them to move to the town.